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Wooden Shoe Stretcher


There is quite possibly nothing more obnoxious than having that new shoe's joy ruined by blisters and foot pain.  Wooden Shoe Stretcher is here to make you stay away from tight shoes! 

Wooden Shoe Stretcher has a slider plate that opens up the design and fills out the toe box section of your shoes. Known to maintain and preserve the original shape, form, and length of your shoes keeping them in tip-top shape.

Preventing the shoe from bowing up at the toe, where creases will naturally form across the vamp of the shoe. Also, Wooden Shoe Stretcher has a spreader at the forepart which will expand into the shoe and also stretch out the vamp.

Two-way Stretcher - Efficiently stretches length and width of shoes! Works on the left and right shoe, for men and women.

Pressure Relief Plugs - Removable and allows you to stretch very small areas of your shoes for those who have bunions, hammertoes, and callouses.

High-quality Material - Simple and practical, this Wooden Shoe Stretcher is made of natural wood materials. Crafted for a long time use without deformation and maximum durability.

Wide Application - Can be used for high heels, sports shoes, sandals, and many more! Wooden Shoe Stretcher will keep your shoes in great shape!

Size For Shoe   EU          US           UK

S(For Women) 35-38     5-7.5       3-5.5

M(For Men)     39-42     7-8.5       6.5-8

L(For Men)      43-46      9-12       8.5-11.5