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Wall Mounted Cleaning Sponge


Make cleaning as neat as it can be with this Wall Mounted Cleaning Sponge! With it's ergonomically designed tough stains stands no chance! Keep your hands away from the dirty surfaces and cleaning solution!

Tidy up your kitchen without much effort! This Wall Mounted Cleaning Sponge has an easy-grip handle which is extremely helpful in cleaning stubborn stains. With hook and loop design, you can easily remove the sponge from the handle allowing you to replace it if need be. 

It isn't just for your dishes, Wall Mounted Sponge can also be used in tidying up your bathtub, wall, shower tile, sink, and so on. I bet your ordinary sponge can't handle that.

This Wall Mounted Sponge comes with a self-adhesive holder which allows you to easily stick it on the wall and store your scrubber for space-saving. It has a hole on the bottom and the water inside the sponge can easily flow out the holder and keep the brush clean and dry. Making sure that bacteria which usually builds up on wet sponges are the last thing you have to worry about.

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Cleans Without Scratching - You can even use them on delicate items such as windows, non-stick pans, and expensive glassware. Safe in the knowledge that the non-scratch surface won’t leave any marks, scratches, or streaks.

Long-Lasting - Each sponge can stand up to months of tough, daily use in your kitchen, bathroom, or car without falling apart, even when you’re scrubbing hard at a dish with dried residue. 

Easy To Use - Wet the pot and sponge before using it, and add some detergent for better effect. Wall Mounted Sponge can easily clean up rust and oil stain on the pot bottom to make it become newer than before.

Cleans Effectively - The innovative Wall Mounted Sponge lifts dirt, grease & grime like a magic eraser. This sponge grabs grease, oils, fats, and chemicals. It also dries quickly!