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Universal Straw Tubes Dusty Brush Vacuum


Pick up dust from almost anywhere! No other attachment can reach places this dusty brush can!

Unable to clean dust across multiple tight and small areas? No need to worry! Thanks to the Universal Straw Tubes Dusty Brush Vacuum, you can now get the dust out of every nook and cranny! 

This one-of-a-kind universal vacuum cleaner brush can reach the smallest of the crevices and cleans the most delicate of objects and hard-to-reach areas, all using just one attachment that fits with your existing vacuum cleaner. Just attach on your vacuum and see your house transform into a squeaky clean home!

Combines a good mix of toughness & flexibility. Made using a high-molecular thermoplastic polymer, these brushes are easy to maneuver when cleaning all surfaces.

Dusty Brush: Vacuum Cleaner Duster Attachment Cleans Tiny Areas

Dusty Brush: Vacuum Cleaner Duster Attachment Cleans Tiny Areas

EXCELLENT TUBE DESIGN - Equipped with flexible, micro-size suction tubes that are designed to remove dust and other small debris particles, especially in the smallest grooves, cracks, and hidden edges where common vacuum cleaner plugs can’t reach.

TIME-SAVING TOOL - No need to move objects anymore as these long tubes can have access to any deep corners and hard-to-reach areas in the house.

HIGH-QUALITY FOR LONGER USE - Each tube is fixed with special glue to prevent it from falling off so it is perfect for longer use and worth your investment.

WIDE USAGEUse it to clean your keyboard, drawers, car seats, car vents, air vents, furniture, bookshelf, jewelry, sofa, personal computer, laptop, plants, pets, corners, and more.

UNIVERSAL - Suitable for most standard size vacuum cleaners, such as household or automotive vacuum cleaners. The blue part is detachable to adapt to a smaller or bigger hose.

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