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Universal Fin Repair Comb

Bent or clogged fins can cause a major restriction in the airflow decreasing efficiency of the AC. That is why this Universal  Air Conditioner Fin Repair Comb is a must-have for every home!

When the fins on your AC have issues then it would need to work harder to create cooled air which means higher utility cost. The Universal Air Conditioner Fin Repair Comb is proficient tuning equipment that allows you to restore the fins back without deteriorating the fins.

Comes with 6 different fins measurement for different types of AC, you just have to match the Universal Air Conditioner Fin Repair Comb's teeth to the spacing of the fins on your air conditioner, then draw the comb slowly and carefully over the fins.

Compact - Replaces a dozen separate tools in your toolbox, taking up less space and making finding the right comb fast and easy.

Contoured Handle - Allowing firm grip so you may use the Air Conditioner Fin Repair Comb more comfortable and even more efficient.

Universal - The perfect tool for cleaning and straightening a variety of commercial, home, and automotive finned applications like condensers, evaporators, and more.

Effective Cleaning - No need to call an expert to have your AC cleaned, this Air Conditioner Fin Repair Comb will let you do it yourself effortlessly and productively.