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Under Shelf Hanger Rack


 When cabinet and drawer space is in short supply – but your kitchenware and supplies aren’t – Under Shelf Hanger Rack can fill the gap. Make everything easier to grab and also make a style statement.

This Under Shelf Hanger Rack slides easily in your closet and mounts under cupboards. You do not have to screw holes on your wall to stabilize it in the house. It is safe and organized for storing kitchen necessities such as cups, spoons, and even small pots.

The Under Shelf Hanger Rack was designed specifically to fit any standard shelf and offers six robust hooks that hold up to 20kg (44lbs) for your kitchen essentials. These clever hooks help you utilized unused space

Space Saver - The Under Shelf Hanger Rack makes use of the unused space in your home. Ensure your kitchen utensils are organized and coordinated. 

Robust and Sturdy - Sturdy steel-constructed, these racks can hold up to 44lbs (20KG), enough to hold cups, cookware, pliers, and other items.

Easy to Install - Simply slide in the Under Shelf Hanger Rack over a cabinet, with the curved-ends that locked on the cabinet.

Multi-Usage - Under Shelf Hanger Rack can hold spoons, towels, gloves, etc. or things you want to hang in the kitchen, bathroom, or other places.