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Transparent Silicon Safety Corner Guards


Are you constantly worrying about your child getting hurt in your own home?

Here is the perfect product to put your mind at ease. No more holding your breath around sharp corners, relax at home knowing you have Transparent Corner Guards installed!

Protect your baby from being hurt by any corner. Install it easily on a coffee table, desk, TV stand, window frame, cabinets, and other sharp corners in the house. Transparent Corner Guards are applicable to different materials such as wood, glass, memory, metal, concrete, etc.

With these Transparent Corner Guards, you can comfortably sit back and relax as your lovely little one walks or crawls around. It is clear and transparent so you will retain the original look of the surface without attracting much attention. These are not only for toddlers. Elders can also save their knee, elbow, or head from dangerous corners.

It is also strong enough so your kids can’t rip it off. Moreover, the premium-grade glue firmly secures the corner guards to the furniture corners, ensuring that even the most stubborn babies can’t pull them out easily. But unlike regular adhesive, you can remove our custom-made stickers without damaging your loved furniture, leaving no residues on the surface.

Clean Modern Design - The clear transparent design of the Transparent Corner Guards blends well with modern furniture and interiors, and doesn’t mark the appearance or the aesthetic appeal, rather ensures that corner guards sit almost camouflaged. 

Strong Hold - Even the most persistent kids will not be able to detach it. On the other side, if you decide to remove it, warm it up a little bit with a hair blower and take it off without any damage to the furniture.

Quick And Easy To Install - In less than 2 minutes, your children will be protected from potential risks and your home is secured. All you need is to remove the covering and stick the corner bumpers on. And you're done! 

Ultra-safe & Effective - Resilient and thick enough to sufficiently absorb the shock in case of a baby head bumps into them, these Transparent Corner Guards reliably protect your baby.