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The Hungry Frogs Marble Game

Relieve the quarantine boredom with The Hungry Frogs Marble Game!

Make quarantine time a hungry-frog family game time! The best board games are ones that get the whole family involved, this is a new wrinkle on a classic kids' game that everyone remembers; take your game night to the next level.

This game is all about surprises and fun! These wacky frogs are always ready with an endless appetite for frenzied competition. They'll challenge your kids to be the fastest on the button, to gobble the most marbles, and claim victory!

Fun family games and kids games make for a great kids' birthday present or toddler gift. This educational toy game measures 11.81 inches x 11.81 inches x 2.76 inches and is compact enough to be played on the kitchen table.

Hungry frog-parent-child interactive toy – mauncle-harrys

4-Player Action - Fun board games with four or more players are ideal for capturing kids' imagination, attention, and enthusiasm; bash the button to make your frog jump and eat the most peas the fastest; easy game to learn and play.

Fast and Furious FunSeveral game modes available, including chomp the most peas, be first to chomp a specific color pea, or assign different point values to different color peas; create new ways to challenge family and friends.

ASTM Certified - Not all tabletop games and family board games are made with safety and quality as the highest priorities, but our kid's toys are ASTM certified and independently tested for superior child safety, quality and performance.

Several Ways to Win - Most preschool games and board games for families only have one way to win, but our Hungry Frogs Family Board Game has several game options, to keep the fun going.

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