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Steering Wheel Musical Toy


Keep your kids entertained while sitting in the front seat and let them imitate the driver's movement!

Kids get bored pretty quickly so they can barely stand a few minutes inside the car but one thing that kids love to do is to imitate adults. This Steering Wheel Toy allows them to play and pretend that they are driving the car!

There are many ways in which kids can play with it. First, they can rotate it from side to side. Also, there are many buttons in front of the Steering Wheel Toy that they can press simultaneously for different functions.

More Than Just A Steering Wheel - This does not simply look like a steering wheel. It has sound and light features that can make the experience more enjoyable.

Battery Operated - No need for tangling cords, Steering Wheel Toy only needs two pieces of AA batteries.

Lightweight - Won’t fall off easily from where it is. The surface of this Steering Wheel Toy is soft to touch to prevent harm to the child.

Not Just For The Car - The best part is that this experience doesn’t only have to be in the car. Since it is an easy-to-install toy, you can remove it just as easily. It has suction cups on its back which is helpful for positioning the toy on a smooth surface.