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Stapler Mini Sewing Machine


Revolutionary! That's what this Stapler Mini Sewing Machine is. This machine is shaped like and works on the same principle as the regular stapler you are familiar with.

Like the stapler, it's really easy to use. All you have to do is move downwards along the material, with the same clipping action as the stapler.

The threaded needle goes through the cloth and neatly finishes your stitching. You can now fix rips, hem skirts, and sew the bottom of your trousers without having to get out of your clothes.

And, you can even fix the tears in your drapes and curtains without the hassle of taking them off the windows. It's a great product, for everyone.


Portable - It's a portable, compact, lightweight, and practical quick-hitting tool, excellent for on-the-spot and quick repairs in order to serve the emergency needs of stitching. 

Perfect For Any Materials - Fabric, clothing, silk, jeans, wool, leather, Hem pants, and crafts, etc. You can use it to sew hanging curtains as well. 

Ideal For Quick Repairs - Some repairs that conventional desk machines cannot handle, such as sewing curtains in the pole or patching a torn bag without removing the pants. It's easier and more convenient than traditional desktop machines.

Fit For Beginners - It's a simple, convenient machine, easy to use and carry, fit for beginner or master in sewing.