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Stainless Steel Fruit Pit Corer Set


Coring fruits is something that adds a huge hassle whether you're eating or cooking. So never miss this Stainless Steel Fruit Pit Corer cause this will surely answer your fruity problems!

Fruit Pit Corer has a serrated edge that punctures through the skin of your fruit effortlessly. No more mess and no more hassle of using other peelers or tools. Speed up your preparation, cooking, and eating time!

Simply twist or push corer through the apple, pear, or other fruits to remove the core. Fruit Pit Corer can also be used as a pitter and seed remover. So easy to use, even kitchen novices can de-core their fruits!

Fruit And User Friendly - Made with commercial steel blades that will never rust and is dishwasher safe! Blades that will not easily bend or break even with daily use.

Multi-fruit Corer - Fruit Pit Corer comes with different sizes of a corer that are suitable for different fruits. Use this must-have tool to core various kinds of fruits like apples, cherry, dates, pear, tomato, and more!

Reasonably Designed Handle - Making it more convenient to operate! It has a hole at the end for easy hanging and simple storage.

Sturdy Material - Each Fruit Pit Corer is made of quality stainless steel, stable and durable to use, not easy to rust, deform or break.