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Stainless Steel Finger Guard


The best way to protect your fingers from cuts! 

Sick of cutting your fingers when slicing meat or vegetables? This Stainless Steel Finger Guard can help you avoid them in the future. 

Prevention is always better than cure. Guard your fingers when handling sharp knives. Sometimes we think we don’t need to take precautions until the worst actually happens. Don’t wait until you experience a bloody kitchen counter because you accidentally cut your finger. 

Using this ingenious Stainless Steel Finger Guard and leave yourself worry-free from cuts when handling sharp blades. The easiest and safest way to cut your vegetables in no less than a minute. Just slip it on your fingers and slice away! It is used on the middle finger and it leaves all other fingers completely protected from dangers but still free to handle food.

Chopping Hand Guards – nineStainless Steel Finger Protector - Best Price on Bizzoby - Order Now !

Lorac® Premium Finger Guard Kitchen

PREMIUM QUALITYMade of high-quality stainless steel material and is anti-rust. You are assured of a durable product that is highly resistant to corrosion. 

ERGONOMIC DESIGNThis finger protector comes with an open ring design and is suitable for most fingers. It can be adjusted according to your finger size. Snap it open to put your finger in, and snap closures to fit your finger.

PROTECTIVE SHIELDThe base of the shield is formed to hold food still for perfect slicing so your fingers never have to be in the way.

EASY TO CLEAN - This stainless steel finger guard is dishwasher safe. Store it anywhere in your kitchen and it won't take up too much space. Equal chopped portions as you get the best grip for the ideal cut.

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