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Solar Deck Lights


Keep your stairs, garden, deck, sidewalks well lighted with this Solar Deck Lights! Don't be a bump in the night!

Prepare these for your beautiful house and enjoy your outdoor space. Whether you want to illuminate the roads and stairs leading to the front door, and decorate your beautiful gardens and flower beds, or simply enhance the safety of your surroundings, these Solar Deck Lights are here to help you do so!

Solar Deck Lights doesn't have any switch at all! You just need to pull out the insulator sheet to put them in use. No cords, batteries, or wiring needed! Simply install these by mounting them along with any edge and your nights will be brighter!

Waterproof - No more worries about getting your lights damaged by water since these Solar Deck Lights are water-resistant and perfect for any weather conditions.

High-efficiency - As it is completely solar-powered, there are zero power bills and electrical wiring required. Just set it up in an area where it will receive plenty of sunlight.

Automatic On And Off- When under the sun, it will be off and charges without any other tools, and when it is dark then these Solar Deck Lights will light on automatically.

Easy Installation - These Solar Deck Lights mount along any edge, you can fix them with two-sided tapes or screws.