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Soft Chalk Board Drawing Book

Bears (14 Pages)
Birds (14 Pages)
Jungles (14 Pages)
Dino (14 Pages)

Unleash your child's creativity! Keep your child from painting on the wall or floor and let them be imaginative using this Soft Chalk Board Drawing Book instead!

Draw, write and play games on the Soft Chalk Board Drawing Book encourage your child’s creativity and help them to learn how to express themselves visually. Unlike other typical drawing books or boards, this is waterproof for endless possibilities!

The Soft Chalk Board Drawing Book contributes to developing your child’s imagination and hands-on ability. It cultivates the artistic ability of your child and shows the inner capabilities of their mind, helping you to learn more about your child and communicate with them better.

Premium Quality - Constructed with high-quality non-toxic ABS materials, smell-free, and non-harm to children, the Soft Chalk Board Drawing Book is eco-friendly and durable.

Compact - The lightweight construction of the Soft Chalk Board Drawing Book makes it portable to carry.

Dust-free Chalk - With environmentally friendly materials used, it is a harmless and mess-free way of showcasing your child's inner artist.

Easy To Clean And Reusable - Simply wipe it with wet wipes or a damp cloth and let it dry so your little one may use it again.