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Snowflake Multi-Tool

Imagine what you could do with a tool that can perform 18 different tasks! The Snowflake Multi-Tool is an incredible gadget! There’s more to the simple snowflake-shaped design than meets the eye.

The unique snowflake-shaped design of this tool has allowed us to creatively use nature's perfect shape to combine functionality and design in our compact multi-tool. This is a great addition to any keychain for its beauty and a wide variety of tools it offers the user.

This Snowflake Multi-tool is made of stainless steel. Small size has broad uses, it can be a wrench, screwdriver or bottle opener, etc. and it is small enough to hang in your key ring.

Premium Quality - Made of high quality 420 stainless steel, with exquisite workmanship, this unique, snowflake-shaped tool is the perfect device to bring on your next outdoor adventure.

Lightweight & Handy Design - Can be hooked onto a key chain, around your wrist, as a necklace, attached to a backpack, and more!

Suitable For All Scenarios - Nifty little all in one tool, so a case would be handy. Snowflake Multi-tool will be a nice addition to the tools kept in the trunk.

18-in-1 Snowflake Multi-tool -, More than 18 kinds of functions! Bottle opener, turn the screw, fix snowboard, bicycle, keyrings, small Phillips screwdrivers, flat head screwdrivers, hex wrench still an ornament, etc.