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Smart Shoe Rack


Our Smart Shoe Rack will help you double your shoe storage space in a snap! Ideal for small spaces - dorm rooms, children's closets, small closets, anywhere you want to organize your shoes, and still have plenty of space leftover.

Get double storage capacity instantly with these slots. Best possible space-saving solution for your shoes in the bedroom, closet, and wardrobe. Stack all your shoes with this Smart Shoe Rack equipped with it's a modern and fun design.

Made of high quality and non-slip ABS plastic with great grip for your shoes sole, these Smart Shoe Racks can hold any shoe footwear outfit and size. Get your shoe pair at a glance, stiletto, high heels, sneakers, slippers, or sandals.

Storage Easier - With simple yet smartly designed shoe slots, you can bid farewell to a jumble of shoes in a snap and find the perfect pair instantly

Adjustable Design - Shoe slots can adjust to fit all types of shoes in different height. One size fits most standard shoe sizes

Keep Shoes Firmly In Place - Snap joint on the bottom, the shoes would not fall off easily. Smart Shoe Rack will keep your shoes organized and secured.

Easy To Clean - Smart Shoe Racks are super easy to clean, you just need to use water and soap.