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Slingshot LED Helicopter Toy

There's nothing quite like watching a load of spinning Slingshot LED Helicopter Toys in the sky above you!

Perfect to bring to a music festival, a poor-mans firework show, or just a toy for kids to play with, the Slingshot LED Helicopter Toys are able to reach such extreme heights by remaining closed when shot upwards, and once they begin to fall their blades open and begin to spin.

Launched into the air by flinging it just like you would a slingshot. Slingshot LED Helicopter Toys are perfect for child development, improving motor skills and intelligence. Certainly fun for all ages!

Easy To Assemble - Just fold the wings, tie the rubber bands, turn on the LED, and you're set!

Battery-free - Slingshot LED Helicopter Toy uses kinetic energy to power up this toy. No need for batteries or cords on this one! Just pure fun!

Delightful - Due to the spinning action, it beautifully creates a dazzling LED glow visible up to half a mile.

Sturdy - No need to worry about these Slingshot LED Helicopter Toy from breaking, these have high impact, shockproof frames that will prevent them from hitting the ground hard, even from 120 feet! No kid will be able to break it!