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Slap Chop Vegetable Chopper

Chopping the ingredients for your recipe takes much time for cooking. Now, there's a new tool that will help you minimize the time spent in chopping, it's the very efficient Slap Chop. Automatically slice the ingredients you need for cooking in just one slap.

The Slap Chop makes meal prep much faster by chopping your favorite fruits and vegetables in seconds! By simply slapping the plunger downward, you can chop and dice foods as fine as you need for all your kitchen creations. No switching blades!

Every slap of this efficient chopper ensures that your ingredients are minced finer and finer!  Chop up potatoes for homestyle fries and hashbrowns or dice mushrooms and green peppers for a tasty addition to your scrambled eggs. You can even use this Slap Chop for vegetables such as carrots, celery, and radishes for a colorful and nutritious, instant salad. Nuts and chocolates are easily chopped for the perfect ice-cream toppers!

The Slap Chop works great for dicing onions and even garlic. No more smelly fingers and it saves time! The chopper base opens up to expose the blades for easy cleaning.

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Vegetable Triturator Food Slicer Chopper - MOZNEX

Stainless Steel & Large Cup Container - Slap Chop blades are made of the highest quality stainless steel while the convenient large cup container catches all foods that are chopped. High-quality blades quickly deskin garlic and onions in seconds.

Easy To Clean - Unlike the generic store ones Slap Chop easily pops open like a butterfly for easy access while cleaning. Cleaning becomes as easy as three simple steps: Remove base, remove the cup, and pop open.

Perfect For All Kinds Of Food - With just one slap you have big chunks and the more you slap the finer it gets. It’s the perfect way for making salad, pizza toppings, exciting tuna, breakfast to go, nuts and cookies for ice cream toppings, fruit salad, and many more foods.

Dishwasher Safe - Removable base and cup container and easy access to the inside blades make the Slap Chop easy to clean!