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Silicone Water Barrier


Keep your bathroom dry and accident-free with the Shower Floor Water Barrier! A waterless floor all day keeps the mess and stress away!

If you do not ha e any partition in your bathroom then you are on the right page! This Shower Floor Water Barrier can help you a lot so you can contain the water in a certain area. Nobody wants a wet floor every time you take a shower, right? Besides, a messy floor can cause an accident especially if you don’t have any anti-slip mats.

Aside from keeping water where it is supposed to be, which is in the drain, this hassle-free Shower Floor Water Barrier can also prevent water damage, mold, and mildew due to escaped water. Just make sure that before you start installing it, wipe off the water and dust on the surface.

Strong Adhesive - Shower Floor Water Barrier sticks firmly to any surface for an extremely easy breezy installation.

Wide Application - Not just for your bathroom but this Shower Barrier can also be used on kitchen sinks or other areas where water needs to be contained.

Customizable - Cut or bend the Shower Floor Water Barrier however it may fit in the area you will be installing it to.

Collapsible - Flexes when stepped on or rolled over, yet immediately springs back to an upright position.

Bathroom And Kitchen Water Stopper – Just Arrived