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Silicone Oil Brush and Bottle

A great choice for barbecue, baking, and cooking! This Silicone Oil Bottle Brush helps make your kitchen life easier.

This is cooking made convenient and precise with our Silicone Oil Bottle Brush. This all-in-one oil brush and bottle is smartly designed for dispensing sauce, jam, oil, honey, and any liquid by a simple squeeze. 

As the dispenser tip is designed in brush shape, you can brush them evenly on your cookware like frying pans and pots, or even directly on food including cakes, steak, fried eggs, grilled chicken, etc. using the same brush tip.

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ALL IN ONE DESIGN - Oil bottle, dispenser, and brush are combined and can be assembled as 1 compact bottle. Easy to brush oil evenly and then put the brush back into bottle case without cleaning while keeping your countertop clean.

EASY TO DIP AND SQUEEZEGently press to dip oil and squeeze gently to dispense the oil. Finally, brush it evenly!

HIGH-TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE - Temperature resistant up to 250 ° C. Able to directly brush oil on frying pans & pots while cooking.

WIDE APPLICATIONS - The oil brush easily holds any sauce, jam, oil, cream, honey, etc. to meet different needs when cooking. Suitable for cakes, barbecue, steak, fried eggs, grilled chicken, and more.