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Silicone Ice Cube Molds Bucket


Get rid of that bulky cheap plastic ice bucket and grab one of these Silicone Ice Buckets! Save space in your fridge and keep your cubes fresh and odor-free!

How does the Silicone Ice Bucket work? You simply fill the outer edge with water and once frozen, just push and squeeze on the Silicone Ice Bucket and let the ice fall into the center of the container.

Not only can the Silicone Ice Bucket make and hold a ton of ice, but it can also be used as a giant koozie to keep your large bottles chilled. Just slip in a bottle of soda, wine, water, or beer into the center of the Silicone Ice Bucket to keep them chilled for hours. It even can hold an entire pint of ice-cream.

Quickly cool your drinks without diluting. Silicone Ice Bucket's round shape has a much smaller surface area than a traditional ice cube maker. It even has a lid to protect your cubes from contamination, assuring you odorless and tasteless ice cubes.

Ice Maker – reordere

Double Chamber Design - The out chamber freezes the ice cubes while the inner chamber holds them. Silicone Ice Bucket is rather convenient.

Freeze And Squeeze - Silicone Ice Bucket is a fun and efficient way to make and store ice. Simply squeeze it for easy released ice and ice cup storage.

Airtight Lid - Keeps ice fresh and sanitary. Lidded Silicone Ice Bucket is stackable and great for bottom freezers. Enjoy a no-spill ice cube tray that is covered to prevent ice cubes from absorbing odors from your freezer.

Portable Cooler - Enjoy ice-cold beer and soda while hanging outdoors, RV camping, boating, tailgating, picnics, and outdoor parties. The Silicone Ice Bucket keeps drinks colder than a beer koozie and can be used as a personal drink cooler for the car or office.