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Shotgun AirPods Case

Are you a fan of guns? Then this shotgun-shaped AirPods case is for you! There is no better way to protect your Apple earphones from shocks and scratches.

Suitable for AirPods 1 and 2, Shotgun AirPods Case wouldn't just protect your any possible damage but it can also be a conversation starter. Let others wonder why you carry a cute firearm and surprise them how it actually works. 

Molded with shock-resistant protective material, the Shotgun AirPods Case surpasses military standard drop tests. It even deters people from trying to rob you. With this ultra-resistant case, freedom is the end of the rifle.

Smart Design - Gives you total access to all functionality, ports, and buttons without removing AirPods from the case.

Shockproof - The silicone around the layer furnishing of the Shotgun AirPods Case for full protection for your AirPods. 

Charging Hole - The bottom of the reservation is where the charge hole is located. No need to take out your AirPods when charging.

Easy To Use - Install and remove your AirPods without any problem! Shotgun AirPods Case will keep it scuff-free and clean.