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Shoes Cover Mop


Clean your floor simultaneously just by walking with these Shoes Cover Mop on!

This Shoes Cover Mop is a super creative mop shoe cover that brings total resolution to household chores. There’s no need for any extra mop or broom anymore because this amazing tool gets all the works done effortlessly.

By wearing this mop shoe cover, you can easily sweep and clean the floor while you and your guests walk around the area. You’ll be surprised by the cleanliness that these Shoes Cover Mop could bring to you.

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Machine Safe - Easy to wash by washing machine or hands, tumble dry low.

Time Saver - This gadget is perfect for dust, dirt, and pet hair. Moreover, it is a great time saver, because you do not need to spend extra time doing house chores, just walk around. 

No Need To Kneel - Free your hands for other chores, no more kneeling or stooping to clean Dust the floor while you walk.

Your Guests Can Clean without KnowingWearing this mop shoe cover, just sweep and clean the floor while you and your guests walk.