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Self-Adhesive Transparent Furniture Protective Film


Restore old furniture and protect new ones from scratches, stains, and damages! Instantly conceal its flaws and make it glossy with this Self-Adhesive Transparent Furniture Protective Film!

Enjoy your favorite furniture for a long time and keep them valuable! Transparent Protective Film is fully transparent you’ll never notice that there is a film guard on the surface. It secures your furniture quality keeping it safe for a long time.

Being strongly resistant to scratches, heat, water, and oil, Transparent Protective Film is designed for long-term protection with added durability. The eco-friendly adhesive is completely safe to apply, while no residue will be left upon removal.

High-temperature Resistant - Instantaneous exposure to fire will not leave any traces, Transparent Protective Film can withstand up to 180° F.

NANO Grade PET- Instantly conceals tarnishes with a natural glossy finish and increase in shininess, providing a flattering brand new look.

Easy Installation- With its elf-adhesive back, you can simply install it on your furniture without extra effort. Just scrape it to remove bubbles. It will not even leave residual adhesive after taking it off.

Wide Application - Glass, furniture, electric appliances, doors and windows, cabinets, tea tables, cars, marble, walls, you name it! As long as it is a smooth surface then this Transparent Protective Film will shield it for you!