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Rotating Dry Food Container


Still worried about how to store food? Here comes Kitchen Dry Food Rotating Storage Tank!

Keep your food fresh and organized all the time with this food compartment. The fresh-keeping box is convenient to store, takes up little space, has a non-slip bottom, and has a good sealing performance.

You won't get things wrong, because the transparent box lets you see what's inside. Partition design, a box can store 4 different things, classified storage. The separator can be rotated, the smell between the foods will not mix and it can be taken out. They're also easy to clean. The lids are removable to allow better access to the jars' interior.

Rotatable & Separable - Rotated compartment sealed cans, selected materials, sealed design can be rotated and placed, no odor is more practical.

Airtight Lid Seal - 4-sided locking system with silicone seal. Durable construction.Convenient food-storage container, 100% Airtight and watertight.

Keep Your Food Dry and Safe - Container holds kitchen staples like flour, sugar, rice, nuts, beans, snack, food, cereal, coffee, or tea.

Finest Quality - Selected food-grade pp material, transparent box body, high elastic silicone ring, anti-aging, durable.