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Retractable Stool Folding Chair


With this Retractable Stool, you'll no longer have to go through the pain of a long period of time standing. Get comfortable and sit down anywhere you are!

The unique locking clasp system allows the Retractable Stool to open and close easily in just seconds, and it locks firmly in place once opened. It comes with an extendable strap that works as a handle or a shoulder strap

To get this Retractable Stool open you simply need to put your fingers in the holes on both sides and stretch it out while rotating, just like an accordion! As it expands you can decide which height you need and set it in place by rotating the catches in places. Seriously, it's that easy!

Adjustable - This Retractable Stool can be set to your desired height within the range from 2.5 inches to 17.7 inches so everyone should be able to have a comfortable sitting height.

Great Price For Value - Upgraded high-strength material, highly polished surface, antiskid bottom design, and rigorous process control makes retractable stool unique, waterproof, stable, and durable.

Portable - The Retractable Stool can be handheld or hung in the shoulder via the straps. Convenient to carry anywhere.

Safe And Stable - Made of high strength and toughness nylon ABS. Heavy-duty materials for long-lasting durability.