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Retractable Bowl Holder Drain Rack (2PCS)


This Retractable Bowl Holder Drain Rack helps to drain your washed bowls in minutes while keeping them in place!

Most dish racks don't have space for your delicate bowls, that is why this Bowl Rack is here to make your kitchen more organized. Dealing with your bowls the way they need to be handled!

This contemporary clever product is focusing on those bowls often overlooked, but in reality, those bowls4 are as staple as other utensils in our kitchen. Bowl Rack can be adjusted to your bowl sizes, no matter how small or big that bowl is it'll store it for you!

Draining your bowls making sure there will be no bacteria formation, nobody wants unseen microbes on subtle bowls. Bowl Rack is washable making it more sanitary. It can be easily attached and detached for manageable cleaning.

Space Saver - One of the most common problems in kitchens would be space and that is why Bowl Rack is the new must-have in everyone's home!

Sleek - With a modern look, Bowl Rack will blend in any kitchen scenery. The simple shape design and lovely colors make it more desirable.

Hygienic - Keep your kitchen clean especially organizers where you have your utensils stored. Bowl rack has a breathable drainage design letting your bowls dry and bacteria-free. 

Structural Design - The Bowl Rack's mesh design and L-shaped structure make it firmer and more stable. The ideal organizer made especially for your exquisite bowls.