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Punch Free Wall Mounted Multi-Functional Hooks

Get an instant organizer hook without the need to nail or drill your with this Punch Free Wall Mounted Multi-Functional Hooks!

Keep your things neat and tidy by hanging them when not in use on our Punch Free Wall Mounted Multi-Functional Hooks. This hook is very easy to install you wouldn't even sweat for a second. It's a self-adhesive punch free hook that can carry a heavy load up to 2-3 Liter of water. 

This multi-functional hook is even waterproof you can install it in the kitchen and bathroom to hang your bath essentials. It won't damage your wall at all. Just peel and stick! It's that easy!

Transparent Design - Almost trace-less and invisible. Easy to paste no need to nail and drill.

Strong Adhesive Hooks - Great for hanging coats, towels, robes, mops, brooms, jackets, hats, bags, umbrella, scarves, keys, purses, plants, kitchen utensils, soup ladles, spatula.

Easy to Apply - Remove protective foil, clean and dry the smooth surface, press the hook firmly on the ground and remove any air bubbles with stroking movements.

Maximize Space Utilization - Widely used on a variety of surfaces like Wood, Tile, Ceramic, Metal, Glass, Plastic Surface and more (Please pay attention that there are limits on painted and wallpaper walls)

Waterproof Material - The heavy-duty sticky glue no scratch bathroom hooks and kitchen hooks are made of high-quality stainless steel + PVC material. It is super waterproof, oil-resistant, and high and low temperatures resistant.