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Punch-free Door Closer


A door enclosed is quite bothersome and accidentally slamming it while closing it is even more annoying! Keep your home shut with the Punch-free Door Closer!

Using a pulley system, this Punch-free Door Closer will have your door closed as noiseless as it can be. It will automatically shut your door without any hassle, securing you home without drawbacks 

Installing it doesn't require any tool which makes it even better! Just remove the protective film behind its parts and place it onto the wall and the door. Hook the rubber-coated steel wire to the silicone part and voila! No more doors left open!

Fits All Doors - Suitable for doors with stronger closing force. Punch-free Door Closer can take care of doors that open left and right, wooden and metal doors, residential and commercial doors, exterior/inner door closers, even fire doors.

Reliable - Made of ABS material, the Punch-free Door Closer is wear-resistant. It will not rust, it is weatherproof, high temperature resistant, and stable which makes it a safe and trustworthy shutoff device.

No Tools Needed - Keep your wall and doors damage free with the Punch-free Door Closer. No holes, just 3M glue installation.

Widely Used - Punch-free Door Closer works with any type of door, name it and it will shut it! Very suitable at home, office, shed, ranch, and many more!