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Portable Pocket Telescopic Fishing Rod Pen


It is a great way to renew an old friendship or build a father-son relationship. Get together with a group of people and create memories of a lifetime with Portable Pocket Telescopic Fishing Rod Pen!

An innovative rod that is specially designed to be folded into a pen size for an easier and more convenient fishing experience. It is made of high-quality fiberglass and aluminum alloy making it sturdy and durable. Fishing Rod Pen is so strong that it can fight and withhold big fishes.

It is very easy to use! Just open the Fishing Rod Pen by taking the cap off and simply insert the reel between the two grooves on the pen and twist the screw down to tighten the reel onto the rod. It works well in freshwater, saltwater, ice water. It perfectly fits in your pocket, glove box, briefcase, and backpack ideal for camping and hiking.

Exceptional Quality - The Fishing Rod Pen is made from fiberglass and aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy reel includes forward and reverses ratchet stop and drag control. Lightweight yet corrosion resistant.

Compact - If you felt the urge to fish in a snap then take off without any cumbersome preparation. Fishing Rod Pen is portable that you can keep it in your pocket so you may use it anytime, anywhere!

Adjustability - Fishing Rod Pen comes with five telescopic sections, telescoping range between 20 - 97.5cm. You can easily adjust the length while you're fishing! Works like those heavy long rods you used to have.

2 in 1 Fishing Tackle - Combines both the fishing rod and fishing reel as one! When your ready to begin fishing just pull off the pen lid and extend the fishing rod. The reel easily attaches to the pole for seamless casting and reeling.