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Portable Car Emergency Safety Hammer


A must-have life-saver tool for all drivers! Portable Car Emergency Safety Hammer will not let you inside your vehicle in dangerous situations.

Most of the accidents involve jammed seat belts or being unable to open the door or windows. This Portable Car Emergency Safety Hammer allows you to cut a jammed seat belt and break a side window in your car in case of emergencies.

Portable Car Emergency Safety Hammer features a cutting blade sharp enough to slice through rough seat belts and a spring-loaded spike capable of shattering windows. You don’t have to waste time trying to bang or bust your window this tool works instantly!

Rescue Tool -Safety Hammer and Seat Belt Cutter – LeoClub

Car Window Breaker & Seat Belt Cutter Demo animated gif


Easy To Use - To break the window, press the black head of the tool against the corner of the window and it will release the spring-loaded spike and shatter the glass. In the event that your seatbelt is jammed, pull the tool away from the clip to reveal the blade then cut the belt by hooking the blade over and slicing it across.

Reusable - The spring-loaded spike resets automatically and can be used multiple times. The blade is very durable and can easily perform multiple seat belt cuts.

Compact - Unlike other emergency car hammers, this Portable Car Emergency Safety Hammer is lightweight and handy. You can put it on your keychain or with your car keys for easy access.

Powerful -  A revolutionary hand-held rescue tool amazingly powerful despite its mini size. Portable Car Emergency Safety Hammer is fierce but absolutely safe.