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Pogo Ball


Get your little ones off the sofa with Pogo Ball that burns calories and improves awful motor skills! A thrilling combo of a kid's balance board, pogo stick, and jump ball!

The Pogo Ball was basically the cool alternative to the pogo stick, instead of holding onto two handles attached to a spring-loaded stick, requiring users to grip the toy with their feet as they jump. Combine with activities like rope jumping, course maneuvers, or team-tag for more fun!

Pogo Ball will help your children to build strength, endurance, coordination, balance, and keep them active! Big enough to create a great bounce for kids and adults, consists of a Saturn-shaped inflatable ball sitting between 2 plastic standing plates. It may be old-school fun but it never gets old!

Use Anywhere You Want - Easy to inflate, assemble, and used in both indoor and outdoor! Grip the Pogo Ball with both feet, jump up and down, bounce up and spin, and pogo across the room!

Durable For Longer Jump - Kids can be crazy which is why special materials have been exhaustively tested to cope with the rowdiest child, the balance board would never bend and the Pogo Ball would never deflate!

Stay Fit - Helps you to burn extra calories and strengthen your core muscle for a healthier lifestyle.

Smooth And Burr-free- The edges are polished, smooth, and burr-free making sure your kids are safe and sound.