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Pocket Loop Toy Ball Track

Have your kids spend more time playing actively and develop useful skills while interacting using the Pocket Loop Ball Track!

Pocket Loop Ball Track is a hand track toy that stimulates kids thinking ability and creativity. An infinite game specially designed with its mini compact figure so you can take it anywhere you would go.

When the ball rolls to the end of the S-shaped track, change the orbital direction using just one hand and the ball continue to move in orbit, try not to drop the ball as long as you can. You can also add more balls to make Pocket Loop Ball Track even more challenging!

Anxiety Relief - Focusing on the game, can alleviate bad emotions such as anxiety and stress.

Mind Exercise - Pocket Loop Ball Track cultivates children's interest, brain enlightenment, sensory development, and hand-eye coordination.

Challenging - The difficulty is up to you. You can start with a ball and add it more slowly. The more balls, the harder it is.

Pocket size - Take the Pocket Loop Ball Track anywhere so you may play anytime! This isn't just for kids but for adults too!