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Plastic Dumpling Heart Flower Mold Press


Say goodbye to traditional dumplings and let heart-shaped and flower dumplings become the focus of family gatherings!

Save time and take your cooking to the next level! This Plastic Dumpling Heart Flower Mold Press allows you to prepare any range of meals and pastries quickly and efficiently, without taking away that magical hand-made touch. No more wasting time getting every size right or double-checking every crimp to make sure the filling won’t spill.

Comes with different shapes, Dough Press will give you dumplings a new look making it more appetizing. The once labor-intensive process has been reduced to four simple steps. Simply cut, fill, fold, and press to seal delicious ravioli, calzones, and pastries.

High-Quality Material - Each Dough Press is made of food-grade wheat straw and PP material, which is healthy and environmentally friendly degradation. Plus, it is surely dishwasher safe.

Easy To Use - Simply place dough in, add ingredients and press down, creating quick and easy shapes for tarts, snacks, and other food.

Multifunctional Design - A decorative crimped edge design helps seal your favorite fillings inside and looks great for presentation. The backside features edges for cutting out dough to the perfect size.

Different Shapes - Make your food more delicious in the eyes to encourage your children or even grown-ups to eat new dishes.