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Pet Fur Hair Lint Remover Brush

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If you're a paw parent who always gets troubled by lint and fur then you need to get one of these Fur Eliminator Brush!

For animal lovers, pet hair, pet fur, and pet lint are just a fact of life but that doesn't mean you can't make life better.

This is the ultimate innovative solution of removing pet hair quickly, easily, and effectively. Just swipe over the surface and voila, it picks up the furs and leaves no trace of it on the fabric.

Unlike traditional lint brushes, the Fur Eliminator Brush doesn't require peeling tape, refills, or any of that annoying mess. It is 100% reusable and requires no batteries or power source so you can save some dollars in the long run. It’s the most convenient way to clean up your pet’s shedding fur!

Reusable, Gentle & Economic Design - The effective double-sided brush gently removes pet fur and lint without harming your clothes and furniture. The reusable economic design does not waste paper after paper as a standard lint roller design does.

One Dip Self Cleaning System - Just dip the fur-filled Fur Eliminator Brush in the base, and when you take it out, you will have a clean brush again.

Effortlessly Removes Fur And Lint - The Fur Eliminator Brush will keep your clothes and furniture fur-free and lint-free has never been easier. The soft and easy-grip handle makes removing pet hair and lint a comfortable and effortless experience.

Multi-Functional - Perfectly used on a variety of surfaces, including sofa, car seats, felt pad, plush toys, clothes. Removes pet hairs from shirts, trousers, sweaters, and more surfaces that are difficult to vacuum.