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Overhead Smartphone Stand

Whether you run a food blog or looking to take some product photos, the best way to capture it is with Overhead Smartphone Stand!

No more struggle on getting the best angle for your food or products. You don't have to kneel on the top of the table anymore, this Overhead Smartphone Stand will take care of it for you!

You might be wondering how could you possibly snap a photo when you don't hold your phone and it is at an unreachable angle. Oh well, this Overhead Smartphone Stand comes with a remote which you simply use to take a photo or video. You can also use it as a selfie stand or simply a phone holder when you're using you're phone and you wanna free your hands.

Rotatable And Adjustable - The arm of this Overhead Smartphone Stand is 180° adjustable horizontally and vertically and has an ergonomic adjustable angle design.

Double Spring Reinforcement - Contains over 70% aluminum-magnesium alloy, which can make your phone more stable and no shaking.

Protective Sponge - We don't want your devices to be damaged at all costs. That is why this Overhead Smartphone Stand has a protective sponge to prevent scratches.

Easy To Install and Use - The Overhead Smartphone Stand has a strong clamp to hold your phone securely. It can be easily attached to furniture such as a table or a bookshelf.