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Ominail- French Chip-Proof Manicure Kit

A flawless French nail look is waiting for you

We know how much you adore beautiful nails, that’s why we’ve created a French manicure look that is effortlessly easy to put on for you to look stunning with ease!

Ominail are pre-designed, you only need to glue and even out. Clear like the blue sky, they are perfect for styling with glance and stickers of your choosing.

You won’t believe how easy a perfect French manicure can be achieved! Ominail will make your fingers sparkle with beauty, and you, looking like French royalty!

Why Ominail is for you

Perfect look in seconds- Ominail are pre-made, you only need to glue and snap them. It’s so easy to apply them you won’t put another manicure again!

Like French royalty- We’ve designed Ominail to look and feel like a true French manicure. A timeless look is waiting to style you with royalty.

Customizable to the brim- If you are looking to get creative Ominail can be your mini canvas for your creative nail ideas!

Ominail is the ultimate choice- Designing your dreamy French manicure is effortlessly easy. Just glue, snap and enjoy the beautiful look!