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Multi-Functional Egg Beater


The Multi-Functional Egg Beater was created with the idea of adding efficiency and beauty to your kitchen. Make your kitchen the best it can be!

This kitchen gadget does so much more than just beat eggs. It does it all! You can now serve spaghetti with the same utensil you beat the eggs with! How cool is that?! 

The long, non-slip ergonomic handle, which assures firm grip, makes it comfortable for all kinds of uses. Unlike other tongs or egg beaters, the soft silicone tips are safe to use on any cookware surfaces without the fear of scratching it.

It is not only for whisking egg yolk or cream, but you can also use this Multi-Functional Egg Beater to mix sauces into salads or to grip food in buffet services. Save money on buying extra kitchenware!

Multifunction Design - Make your kitchen environment the best there is, and with that said we believe this Multi-Functional Egg Beater is the perfect tool to join your kitchen.

Wide Application - Use it for making dessert, barbecue, salads, or any kind of buffet service. With just one simple click Multi-Functional Egg Beater will change its function.

Easy To Use- With just an easy click you can switch between modes. A simple elegant locking button and hanging hook at the top for easy compact storage.

Easy To Clean - The BPA free food grade silicone will clean itself quickly. Just put it under the water for few seconds or toss it into the top shelf of your dishwasher.