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Multi-function Manual Garlic Presser


Mince cloves that you can use for your delicious recipes. With the purchase of this multi-function Manual Garlic Presser, you’ll quickly discover how simple it is to cook with garlic! And soon you’ll be making more recipes throughout the week that utilize this tasty ingredient.

Without culinary school-grade knife skills, the average home cook isn't going to be able to reach their desired minced garlic texture without the help of a garlic press. Garlic Press not only gives you a very fine mince but it also evenly minces garlic so that its flavor will be uniformly distributed throughout your dish

The innovative Garlic Press is easier and more convenient to use than other more traditional presses. In fact, this handheld garlic presser provides you with a more secure grip and better leverage for an easier, more comfortable hold. The garlic isn't merely crushed, but micro-cut, which helps to preserve the aromatic oils of the garlic!

Food Grade Material - Made of premium 304 stainless steel, Garlic Press is corrosion-resistant and rust-proof, durable to use.

Ergonomic Design For Optimal Comfort - The Garlic Press was created precisely to fit perfectly to any user's hands and closed fists. Stay comfortable through the whole cooking process and complete your meals efficiently and without any struggle!

Easy To Use - The ergonomic design of the Garlic Presser uses the natural motion of your hand to mince the garlic and the press moves easily, using the weight of your own body. It's ideal for people who have problems using conventional presses.

Simple To Clean Up & Store - As any kitchen utensil, the Garlic Press can be washed quickly and stored anywhere due to its convenient size.