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Multi-Angle Ruler Tile Hole Locator Tool

No more wasted pieces of tiles with incorrect measurements with this Adjustable Tile Hole Locator Tool.

This tool will save you energy and time in doing your projects. Our multi-angle measurement ruler is an updated version with more features. It is a measuring tool and tile positioning hole opener. It's the latest upgrade that uses a six-piece ruler and six metal knobs to eliminate wrinkles. Simply adjust the six metal buttons to create the shape you want. Measuring objects of different shapes is quick and easy.

Our Adjustable Tile Hole Locator Tool is made of extremely strong yet lightweight aluminum alloy that comes with screws.  It works great on carpentry, brick, tile, wood, glass, stone, laminate, construction & engineering projects, and much more! You can create layouts in tiling, bricking, paving stone, lumbering, laminating, and so on!

Safe and Easy to Use - Just place onto your work area, slide the rulers into the shape you need, and tighten the screws. Then you have your flawless measurement which can now be transferred and traced onto any materials.

Multi-Angle Ruler - Our angle template tool ruler with multi-function locator and multi-angle ruler. It is more than just a multi-angle measurement tool, it is also a template ruler with a tile positioning hole opener.

Premium-Quality - Our universal layout tools are well built by premium aluminum alloy, this helps make sure that the aluminum ruler does not break from bending or rusting, hence prolonging its life. 

Soft Gasket - There is a soft plastic gasket under each knob. It can make twisting much easier and protect the scale from wear.