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Motion Sensor Infrared Night Light

Do you fear to stumble in the dark at night? No more troubles, these Motion Sensing Night Light will light up your path when it sensed activity.

Brighten dark spaces at home with these Motion Sensing Night Light equipped with its 6 ultra-bright 25 lumen LEDs delivering rounded illumination to lighten large areas. The light cover also ensures to brighten up with the right fixtures to avoid hurting the eyes.

Motion Sensing Night Light won't light up in daytime or when the surrounding is bright to save energy. Also, these sensor lights feature auto-deactivation after 15-20 seconds of inactivity prolonging its battery life.

Motion Sensing Night Light cones with super-strong double-sided adhesive pads to stick on anywhere. Also, the built-in magnet allows you to put them on metal surfaces. These lights are able to be used anywhere you want!


Easy Installation - Simply use the built-in magnet or supplied 3M tape to install the Motion Sensing Night Light onto almost any surface anywhere, no wiring or plugs required.

Battery Operated - The Motion Sensing Night Light is wireless and powered by 3pcs of AAA batteries, keeping you away from electricity and saving you more energy.

Smart Motion Sensor Detection - The Motion Sensing Night Light has a built-in motion sensor that detects movement from up to 7-10 ft. away.

No Flicker - Providing the best protection for your eyes while flexibly give lights to the place you need.

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