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Mobile Phone Screen Cleaner

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The more you use an electronic device, the dirtier it'll get overtime. When it comes time to give your device a good wipe-down, the Mobile Phone Screen Cleaner is exactly what you need!

The Screen Cleaner is the best pocket screen cleaning kit that has all you need in one convenient device.  It's much easier to have everything neatly fit into one device rather than having a spray bottle, a towel, and a case separately. This neat little invention cleans all types of screens from phones, computers TVs and more.

Just spray the screen and clean it with the mini duster. Its nifty microfibers clear away dead skin cells, fingerprints, and germs from screens and devices. Screen Cleaner will keep your gadgets and you clean and healthy.

Immaculate Results - Screen Cleaner comes with an antibacterial cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth will make dust and fingerprints disappear instantly.

Portable And Lightweight - Keeping yourself protected when you leave your home must be your top priority, and this Screen Cleaner takes the pressure of traveling with a virus-ridden phone off your shoulders.

No More Smudges - Well, with Screen Cleaner, you get to take care of smudges with just one wipe and spray. Free from all kinds of harmful ammonia or chemicals, you get to steer clear of the smudges all the time.

Safe - The liquid inside the Screen Cleaner is environment-friendly, which allows you to play your part in conservation.