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Mobile Phone Projection Bracket

Black 12inch
White 12inch

If you're wondering if it is possible to combine a lazy pod and a mobile phone amplifier then check this Mobile Phone Projection Bracket out!

More and more people use smartphones to watch videos or movies, but staring at small screens for a long time may even damage your eyesight. Now you can zoom the screen three times and maintain a clear image without batteries using the Mobile Phone Projection Bracket!

Aside from freeing your hands while watching videos or reading on your device, this Mobile Phone Projection Bracket can also alleviate discomfort and visual fatigue caused by long-term focus on small screens.

Widely Compatible - You can use the screen amplifiers with any smartphone, whether you have an iPhone, Samsung, or another Android device.

Great Little Travel Companion - The Mobile Phone Projection Bracket is very lightweight and easy to carry. The perfect hands-free way to enjoy games, movies, and shows on your mobile phone during your trip.

No Power Source Needed - Does not require any means of power, even batteries! Mobile Phone Projection Bracket functions instantly without any hassle.

Exceptional Gooseneck - Made of aluminum-magnesium alloy for aviation, more durable, stable, and flexible. Can be bent in any direction and withstands repeated inclination. Adjust the distance and angle easily for a better viewing experience.