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Mini Tabletop Soccer Game

If you have kids or a kid at heart and love sports, you will certainly enjoy this Mini Tabletop Soccer Game!

The Mini Tabletop Soccer Game offers exciting hours of one on one soccer blasting fun and excitement! An exhilarated football game with simple operation and detachable functions.

Featuring pinball-style buttons to try and shoot the ball into your opponent's net. Mini Tabletop Soccer Game is another way to exercise the reaction speed of kids and even the elderly!

Fun For All - This Tabletop Soccer Game is great for all ages! Small enough for children to maneuver easily, yet sturdy enough for adults to enjoy as well.

Portable - Carry it in your bag or backpack and play it on any table or flat surface! Have fun in nature or indoors.

Premium Quality - Different devices for imitating the real arena, like round angular, anti-slip base and catch gate, etc.

Hand-eye Coordination - Relieves the tension of the lens of the eyeball, Tabletop Soccer Game will help improve your kid's hand and eye coordination.