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Mini Nose Hair Trimmer


Long nose hair affects your appearance! The Mini Nose Hair Trimmer is compact and small in size, allowing you to bring it anywhere in your pocket and there are no batteries required!

Just squeeze the handles of this innovative tool to rotate the ultra-sharp interior blades. As they turn, they cut unsightly hairs without pulling it. The sharp, stainless steel cutting blades never come in contact with skin. No more tears or cringing in expectation of pinching.

Unlike electric trimmers, with Mini Nose Hair Trimmer you can control and calculate the fastness of the blade when trimming as the blade turns fast depending on how you twist and squeeze the device. It is made of premium stainless steel making it durable and can be used continuously for a thousand times.

Mini Nose Hair Trimmer

Mini-Nose Hair Trimmer - Limited 70% OFF + Free Cleaning brush ...

Stainless Steel Material - Sharp, precision-cutting design. Washable and durable. It can be used continuously for tens of thousands of times without blades dulling or product wearing out.

No Batteries Required - Take it and use it anywhere Mini Nose Hair Trimmer doesn't need electricity.

Safe & Painless - Blades are housed in a protective cylinder and never come in contact with skin.

Mechanical - Mini Nose Hair Trimmer can be operated by a one-handed manual movement - quick and simple!