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Mini Bookmark Reading Light

This Mini Bookmark Reading Light is here to make every reader is able to read anywhere and any time with ease and comfort without the harmful blue-rays which most light sources emit. A lightweight and portable light to compliment your night!

Mini Bookmark Reading Light is made from reinforced plastic film, which means it can bend and flex without getting any creases or snapping. And this is important because when you bend it into position, this bookmark functions as a reading light. 

Powered by a single lithium coin battery which can last for a minimum of 8 hours continuously. Designed as an open circuit, Bookmark Reading Light does not use energy when used as a bookmark. Only when you place it in the shape of a lamp position does it start.

Strong Yet Flexible - Made from a reinforced plastic film and high-grade durable materials, Bookmark Reading Light is built to last without incurring any breakage, allowing it to achieve the “night-stand” position and back to its “bookmark” position perfectly without any flex or stress markings.

Energy Efficient - You no longer need to invest hundreds of dollars in expensive book lamps that just add to your electricity bill!  Bookmark Reading Light is powered by a single button cell that can last for a minimum of up to 15 reading sessions, making it one of a kind. 

No Eye Fatigue - Featuring special low blue-light emitting LED units, this Bookmark Reading Light hardly emits any high bio wavelength, allowing you to read at ease without tripping your melatonin shut-off switch.

Ultra Paper-Thin Design - Keep it in your pocket or wallet and every worry not having enough lighting when it's reading time. Bookmark Reading Light is as thin as a bookmark, slimmer than a dollar coin, and dexterous enough to fold.