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Microfiber Hair Drying Turban


Drying your hair can be time-consuming, especially when you’re in a hurry. And over-drying hair can cause it to lose its luster, forming brittle split ends or even breaking. Plus, every minute you use your blow dryer increases your utility bill.

Who needs an electric blower when you can have this Magic Hair Drying Turban? Made of microfiber fabric, this has the super water-absorbent ability and dries your hair faster than normal towels. A great alternative to dry your hair, especially long ones. Throw away the hassle of using an electric blower and let this hair drying towel do its magic!

After washing your hair, wrap it in the luxurious Magic Hair Drying Turban made of super-absorbent, ultra-soft, microfiber. In just ten minutes it absorbs almost 75% of the water, saving you time and money, with less blow drying to damage your hair.

Quick Dry Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap – Komense

Super-absorbent And Quick Drying - The microfiber fabric absorbs more than 10 times its weight in water. This means that it'll work faster and more efficiently to dry you off, and it'll stay fresh longer because Magic Hair Drying Turban dries out quickly.

Less Hair-blowing Time -  The longer your hair is exposed to the heat, the more damage is likely to occur. Less blow drying is better for the health and sheen of your hair.

Convenient - The unique twist and loop system makes the Magic Hair Drying Turban stays in place. It means that you can get dressed, apply makeup, and check email, all while drying hair without discomfort or head towel wrap falling off.

Suitable For All Hair Types And Lengths- Ideal for women, men, and kids. Great for all types of hair. From long, short, curly, flat, voluminous, or dyed to super straight, fine strands, coarse and kinky locks.