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Manual Fruits Vegetable Sheet Slicer

The new food prep miracle that spins fresh fruits and vegetables into healthy, delicious dishes. Just insert a vegetable or fruit and spin!

In seconds you’ll have a mountain of low carb zucchini sheets! Makes perfect thin sheets and flawless fettuccine every time with this Fruit & Veggie Sheet Slicer. Constructed with fine sharp cutters that cut vegetables and fruits into wafer-thin sheets. 

This Fruit & Veggie Sheet Slicer is sure to inject some inspiration into your monotonous daily kitchen life so that creating healthy and colorful versions of classic dishes like lasagne, gratin or crisps will become a simple matter. Instead of making your meals the way it is, spice things up and use this for a more creative and appealing look to your dishes!

Multifunction - This Fruit & Veggie Sheet Slicer is constructed with fine sharp cutters that cut vegetables and fruits into wafer-thin sheets. The slicer can cut an array of vegetables and fruits such as potatoes, zucchini, beetroot, apples, pears, and many more.

Easy To Use - All you need to do is place your chosen fruit or veggie in, then insert the skewer into the device. Now just lock the blade in position and use a simple twisting motion to obtain wafer-thin slices.

Innovative - Perfect to use for your everyday cooking, this Fruit & Veggie Sheet Slicer adds a healthy touch to your everyday meals.

Easy To Clean- Can be effortlessly disassembled and reassembled. Cleaning made easy to let you enjoy your dishes as healthy as they can be.