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Manual Fruit Squeezer Juicer

Squeeze fresh, delicious juice in a matter of seconds with this Manual Fruit Squeezer! Enjoy fresh juice with just a crank, hassle-free, and less mess!

Using this Manual Fruit Squeezer, you can extract juices from fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, orange, pomegranate, tomato, and many more with ease and retain their natural taste, flavor, and nutrients.

Whether you’re making a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade, lemon vinaigrette, sour mix, or other, this squeezer will get the job done. This tool can squeeze them all with maximum results.

It is ideal for any kitchen or bar tool. Make cocktails out of fresh, not canned juice - you'll notice the difference, and it makes no noise compared to electric and automatic machines.

Durable - The Manual Fruit Squeezer is corrosion resistant and doesn't react with fruits, nor does it breed bacteria. Never worry about the health and original flavor of the juice.

Maximum Juice Output - Add efficiency to your juicing process with this Manual Fruit Squeezer superior leverage, designed for maximum juice output. 

Easy To Use - V-Shaped juice outlet makes it easy to pour the juice into a glass or other container. In addition, the smooth handle provides a comfortable and stable grip for easy grip and compression.

Easy Cleaning - The components of this Manual Fruit Squeezer are removable for easy cleanup. Plus, its small footprint allows it to sit on countertops without taking up too much space.