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Manual Citrus Juicer


Staying healthy just got easier with the Manual Citrus Juicer! Extract juice from fruits with minimum effort while keeping all the good stuff in the juice!

Manual Citrus Juicer is a BPA-free, food-grade hand juicer that can squeeze oranges, lemons, tangerines, and grapefruits to extract enough vitamins for healthy, delicious drinks. 

Using a 12-pin fixed position lid design, it holds fruits in place much better than normal juicers. Simply pick a fruit, load it in, twist, and voila! Freshly, delicious fruit juice ready for the whole family!

It doesn’t need electricity at all, you can now enjoy 100% homemade orange juice that will supply your Vitamin C for the day. Start a healthy lifestyle by owning one of these Manual Citrus Juicer!

Safe And Healthy - This BPA-free food-grade Manual Citrus Juicer will really help you live a more healthy life. Never worry about noxious odor or toxic decomposition.

Quality Strainer To Filter The Seeds And The Heavy Pulps - The strainer can filter out the seeds and heavy pulps efficiently while squeezing the juice, this Manual Citrus Juicer can ensure you of a good taste cup of orange juice in an easy way.

Juice Container With Pour Spout - Save every drop of that precious freshly squeezed juice! The Manual Citrus Juicer has a pour spout design, large capacity, and durable container, making it an indispensable tool in your daily life.

Easy To Clean And Store - Simply rinse it with water and store it wherever handy since it will not take much space. You can take it along this Manual Citrus Juicer when you are at the park, on a trip, or keep one at your office.