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Magnetic Dart Board

A modern twist on a classic game! Magnetic Dart Board is the safest way for you to enjoy a game of darts without all the worry!

Get rid of those conventional darts of yours that can be dangerous especially for kids. Darts is a fun and challenging game that builds hand-eye coordination and fine motor strength so why not make it as safe as possible by using the Magnetic Dart Board!

A great addition to any playroom for both family fun or for the young ones to play with for hours on end with their friends. Magnetic Dart Board uses magnetic darts with flat ends instead of sharp metal points ensuring safety for everyone and everything.

Durable - Crafted to stand the test of time and was built in accordance with stringent safety standards.

Hang It Wherever! - You will surely love the fact that this Magnetic Dart Board can be hung anywhere with its lanyard.

Easy To Store - Rolls up to store conveniently, and just as easily unrolls to hang back up.

Eye-catching Design - Magnetic Dart Board can relieve eye fatigue and exercise vision. Great for those who spend a lot of time on electronic gadgets.